"The Next Architecture Award" is organized on the global intelligent sharing platform.

Jointly organized by:
- Fondazione EMGdotART
- DADA (Digital Architecture Design Association of The Architectural Society of China)
- IAAC (The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia)
- Urban Regeneration 2050

The wisdom of the whole world is required to achieve the highly intelligent The Next Architecture, or even "The Next Cities." These shall be based on global sharing and connectivity. International cooperation among various fields and inter-disciplines shall also be strengthened, so that discussions from architecture to cities can be initiated, and fundamental issues related to economics, society, culture, and humans’ well-being can be best addressed.

By inviting experts from all around the world, The Next Architecture can combine science and art to achieve one target: facilitating the cooperation among science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to get a better understanding of human behavior and needs, and to more immediately display and address societal issues. The more difficult the issues, the bigger chances we will have, and the more possibilities will await us in the future.

The advanced concepts, technologies, and results of scientific research, and systematic solutions and demonstration projects of The Next Architecture will all be activated by "The Next Architecture Award."

"The Next Architecture Award" is a stage-series of theme competitions united and organized by joint partnership organizations. We invite many organizations to showcase advanced concepts, technologies, results of scientific research, systematic solutions, and forward-looking demonstration projects that promote the environment through energy efficiency and social life, and driven by the fusion of science and technology innovation with designs that strengthen people’s capabilities to adapt to the digital era. Invited to participate are scientific research institutions, colleges and their laboratories, architecture design offices, research and development institutions, and high-tech companies.

The Next Architecture Award expects and encourages the following content:

• Influenced by science and technology innovations, economic development, demands for intelligent experience and personalization, and pressures from environmental degredation and energy shortages, The Next Architecture strengthens the problem-solving capabilities via acquisition of new technologies and by making use of big data.

• By taking The Next Architecture as a starting point – people can discover that not only their real-world demands can be satisfied, but also that their individual creativity and capability of direct involvement in the development of a smart and sustainable society will be energized and strengthened. Not only that – as public values are reset, inherent coordinative spirits will call on and initiate joint efforts to better realize our dreams and satisfy our wishes.

• The Next Architecture provides a platform of support for humans, and which makes architecture become a part of them. The established environment will gradually become a system for evolution and study, combined with the aesthetics and functions of the architecture. Interaction with humans will become both closer and mutually facilitating.

• "The Next Architecture Award" is a module that could become either a highly integrated product series, or a constantly changing service system created from content. It has the characteristics of flexibility, mobility, scenario creation and transformability, all under the condition that there will be no dependency on land supply or controlled construction.

• Science, technology, materials, application methods, and energy solutions bring support and creativity to The Next Architecture. It is also expected that with the help of the "The Next Architecture Award," science, technology, materials, and energy solutions can be combined together via design, resulting in even more excellent proposals created and discovered.