Future Cabin

"The Next Architecture" Episode II Announcement

Future Cabin is a type being explored on the platform of The Next Architecture. It represents a new intelligent system continuously intertwined with virtual and physical space, and generated by data.

"Future Cabin" refers to a series of small movable buildings used for public or commercial functions including exhibition experience, reading spaces, community reception areas for tourists, hotels, laboratories, etc.; One of its applied scenarios is the integrated residential community. The competition hopes to activate the community through the "Future Cabin," and embed interactive functions within a community's environment, neighborhoods, and associations. The core of "Future Cabin" lies in it being people orientated and the integration of new lifestyles in our digital era.

"Future Cabin" firstly requires a highly integrated smart system within the building. It is flexible, lightweight, mobile, assembling, highly displayable, creative, and transformable without any dependence of land supply or centralized construction. Meanwhile, it meets the following criteria for The Next Architecture:
1. Self-sufficient from an energy perspective
2. Creates abundant publicity
3. Adapts to changes to the largest extent
4. Realizes the re-supply of hydropower resources (achieves environmental balance from the perspective of resources)
5. Mobile and is connected to the Internet-of-Things life
6. Uses eco-friendly materials and achieves a low ecological footprint
7. Its integrated design ensures the beauty and comfort of the entire system, creating an environmental quality of beauty
8. Is a leading and practical intelligent construction technology

From this connection, "Future Cabin " encourages participants to use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, robot construction, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, sensing technology, new materials, etc. Based on digital and informationized design and systematic energy solutions, it will develop an implementable design plan for "Future Cabin" with integrated smart systems and applied scenarios.

With the fast growth of a new digital society highly integrated online and offline, architecture is gradually being transformed into a system in which virtual and physical space generated by data are continuously intertwined and mingled. Therefore, "Future Cabin" places more emphasis on the combination of virtual reality and actual experience, encouraging participants to create buildings based on mixed reality situations brought about by digital virtual experiences.

Furthermore, "Future Cabin" advocates participants to combine concepts from the Internet of Things with big data. From the perspective of collecting and applying data, the brain of "Future Cabin" is built to form a platform for intelligent information: for internal use, it will motivate abundant interaction and experiments; for external use, it will connect close ties among people, space, and community (society), which not only responds and contributes to the surrounding environment, but also has a positive effect on these associated relations.