【Important Notice】The Achievement Submission of Smart Tree Competition is about to Expire

The achievement submission of Smart Tree Competition is about to expire at September 1st, 2018,all the works should be submitted online,The first round review is also online,There are some notices as following:

1. If there is anything that need to revise or update in entry form, you can amend it in“Application form”and click save button . It is unnecessary to resubmit a new one. Those participants who come from several teams can have a name for your team and please write down the units where your team memebers come from in parenthese.
2. The official website has been updated and has the latest Q&A document and sketch model, which may be helpful for participants.
3. In addition to the previously announced 550 thousand bonus, we have added 20 candidate shortlisted awards and the The Next Architecture IAAC scholarship. Please scan the official website for details.
4. All the works for the competition must be submitted online. The first round is the online review and you need to submit your works according to the task book and official website. The system will be automatically closed at 23:59, September 1, 2018. In case to the network congestion, please learn about the submission system and submit your works in advance.

Contact for Questions:
Joy Zhao(Chinese Contact) WeChat & Phone Number: 18842641498
Jade Wang (International & Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, China),
Business Days 8:30am-12:00pm; 2:00pm-5:30pm Beijing Time