Feng Zhenggong

Design Master of Jiangsu Province. Chairman of the Board and Chief Architect of Arts Group Co., Ltd.. Standing Director of the 13th Council of Architectural Society of China. The Deputy Director of Architect Division of Jiangsu Civil Engineering Society. Standing Director of Jiangsu Geotechnical and Design Association. Standing Committee Member of Suzhou People’s Congress Standing Committee. Senior member of China Architectural Society. Member of Hongkong Institute of Architects. Industry Professor of Southeast University. The Extramural Tutor of the graduate degree of Southeast University. The Visiting Professor of China University of Geosciences. Main Presentative Works are: The R&D Center of Arts Group Co., Ltd., Suzhou Industrial Park Dushu Lake Conference Hotel, Mianzhu Historical Museum of Sichuan, Suzhou Industrial Park Callan Activity Center, etc.. Five projects of design including R&D Center of Arts Group were awarded for the First Prize from China Geotechnical and Design Association. The design of Mianzhu Historical Museum was awarded for the Outstanding Design Prize of World Association of Chinese Architects. Many of his design works have been awarded for the First Prizes of Jiangsu Outstanding Design.